Stress Less


Stress Less

I’m not going to write a long sales page…if you are stressed, you know it and you don’t need me to stress you out further by telling you how bad stress is for  you.  You simply want to feel better.  I get it!

I’m simply going to tell you that I’ve created a super cool bundle of stress related stuff that is going to make you go aaaahhhh.

So relax…and smile.  You are only a few clicks away from understanding why you feel the way you do and more importantly…you are only a few clicks away from knowing what you can do to feel better.

Introducing: The Stress Less Package

Healing Your Anxiety

Emily Francis tried everything… seriously… to reduce the levels of her daily attacks of anxiety. She did yoga, meditation, acupuncture, quantum healing biofeedback and energetic extraction with a Shaman. She lived in an Ashram, was trained by yogis and sought counseling from many sources. It was after she made her psychiatrist cry that she began to understand the true depth of her anxiety. And how her attempts to heal her mind, wasn’t what her BRAIN needed. There is a difference. If you’ve tried many of the wonderful healing resources available in our world and feel frustrated that nothing is working, learn how Emily finally took back control of her life and now teaches others to be anxiety free as well. You’ll get: the 29 page PDF transcript of our interview.

Healing Your Depression

Roxanne Renee had it all, a wonderful husband, new twins, friends, family, and a career that she loved. From the outside, everything was perfect. On the inside, Roxanne was on a four year mental journey that led to multiple hospitalizations, attempted suicides and the loss of the things she held dear. Her own experience with major clinical depression led her to research and develop a wellness lifestyle that has kept her depression-free for nearly 10 years. Learn how Roxanne pulled herself out of the darkness of depression…and how you can too. You’ll get: the 54 minute MP3 Audio

  The Stress Module from my Book

Stress is a bully and you’ll learn how to fight back when you read this chapter of my Unlock Your Metabolism system. Of all the chapters, this is the one I get the most comments on…thanking me for providing this life enhancing formation with strategies to release the stress. You’ll get: the entire PDF module from my Unlock Your Metabolism system.

The Worry Zone

Telling someone not to worry is like telling a dog to not chew on a bone. Good luck! So why fight a natural mind response? Instead…on purpose and by design create for yourself a Worry Zone, a few minutes each day in which to wallow in worry, getting it out of your system in a pro-active way. What we resist persists and by trying NOT to worry, the worry remains. Instead…follow this self guided worksheet to process through your worries, allowing them to wash through you…and then away. I’m even giving you Music To Worry By…six minutes of beautiful music that will allow you to relax through the process. You’ll get: Two page PDF and a six minute MP3 Audio

Blow Away Stress Guided Meditation

It has been shown that stress is the foundation of most illness and disease, it carries a toxicity that ruins stomachs, hearts and minds. So it is time to blow it away. In this 20 minute hypnosis session, I guide you through a powerful process to gather up your worries (the source of most stress) and release them from your body. Best, the technique I provide to you during this session is one you can use anytime, any place…in the car, board room or the long check out lines. Worry is a habit and as with all habits, they can changed. You’ll get: 20 minute MP3 Audio

















So go, go, go.  Grab up your stress less bundle at a price that fits your budget.  It is my pleasure to provide this to you, my honor to support you in this powerful way.  And let me know how you get on…I always love your feedback.

Grab your bundle here:

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