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Did you know that people gain as much weight post-summer as they do during the holiday feed-a-thon? Surprised?  Here’s why….

All summer, you’ve been good because you knew you would be slipping on those shorts or bathing suits.  The pressure of your skin making a public appearance is enough to seal those lips when temptation strikes.

But… at the end of summer, when those pressures go away and the shorts go back into the closet… it becomes easier to say “just one bite”.  Big mistake!

“Just one bite” is hazardous for several reasons:

  1. Because you most likely decreased your calories below what is good for you, your body is just waiting to gobble up, and hold on to, any extra calorie that makes it past your teeth. Eat less and exercise more is the worse thing you can do for your metabolism!
  2. The food choices are less healthy in the months post-summer.  Summertime brings an array of yummy, and healthy, fruits and vegetables, making it easier to make healthy choices.  If you already find your nose wrinkling at the thought of hot house tomatoes, you know what I’m talking about.
  3. The “Oh, thank goodness!” brain. Your brain is seeing the ‘sweater at the end of the tunnel’ right now and is making a mental shift towards it being ok to gain a few pounds.


If you don’t want your hard work this summer to go to ‘waist,’ then check out this special weight loss support tool…

Healthy Weight Hypnosis

***Day and Night Versions***

You will receive two extremely powerful self-hypnosis audios designed to accelerate the changes you desire.  These audios… one to listen to during the day time, and the second to listen to at night… will address obstacles faced by many of my clients: lack of self- confidence, decreased self-trust, as well as physical obstacles like food resistance, exercise blocks and lack of sleep. Each of these can stop dieters in their tracks.  These audio, when listened to consistently, will support your subconscious in making the healthy choices you very much desire.

Stop depending on willpower and instead create willingness in your brain. It makes being healthy sooo much easier.

Value:  $34.00

You get both audios… day and night… for only $7. 

But only for a limited time.  The universe loves action, so only those who purchase by midnight Friday, September 30, 2011 will receive this deeply discounted package.

Don’t let the post-summer, “I can hide under a sweater” mentality sabotage your hard work!  Treat yourself to my Healthy Weight Hypnosis Audios today.

Buy this special 2 audio MP3 package now, while it lasts!


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