Are Carbs Your Cocaine?

I could go on and on… and on… and on… and on… and on… and on … on how bad  and destructive excess refined carbs are for your health.  Not the good healthy carbs, like whole sprouted grains, fruits and vegetables and even dark chocolate, but those non-foods that started out white and were mixed, shifted and shaped into looking edible and then marketed to you in ways that tempt your willpower.

And widen your hips.

And balloon your belly.

And fog your brain.

And damage your teeth.

And age you from the inside out.

Yes, I know, they taste good… that’s because they were scientifically created to be a perfect combination of fat, salt and sugar.  This perfect combination triggers the pleasure center of your brain, like cocaine and other drugs do.  In fact, there are studies that show that ‘intense sweetness can surpass cocaine reward, even in drug-sensitized and -addicted individuals.’  Rats pushed the sweetness button more than the cocaine button, even when they had been addicted to cocaine in the past.  And when the sweetness wasn’t delivered, they become depressed and agitated… sound familiar?

Don’t be a rat and allow the scientist to manipulate you into pushing their button… on the cash register.  Instead, learn how to calm the cravings by tapping into the power of hypnosis…at an introductory rate of only $4.99.

Oh… something to think about.  If sugar is, indeed, more addictive than cocaine and is, in fact, as harmful to people’s bodies as studies are proving it to be.  Would you tell someone addicted to cocaine any of the following:

  • One hit won’t hurt.
  • You can go off the cocaine on Monday.
  • It’s your birthday, one little slice of cocaine is OK.
  • I’m sorry you are sad, let’s go get a cocaine cone.
  • Did that shot hurt? Here’s some cocaine on a stick to make you feel better.

Of course not.  Yet we tempt our addiction to sugar… and those around us (especially those little people in our lives)… and treat it as if our willpower stands a chance.  You’ve got to dig deeper, because these carbs have a terrible pull on our consciousness, and an immediate reward for our participation in caving in.

And a terrible cost in return.

YOU MUST… address the addiction, the pull of the carbs before you stand a change of ridding them from your life forever.

Hypnosis helps!.  And I’ve created an MP3 that specifically addresses carb addiction.

If your Battle of the Bulge’s greatest enemies is carbs, give it a try.  It’s only $4.99, for now.

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