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Although coaching may not be right for you at this time, I’d love to still support you in sticking with your new lifestyle program.

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Coaching is powerful and you will not find another package like this. But hurry…this offer will be taken down soon.

Why weight?

About Lynette

Hi! (waving)  First and most important, I’m a mom to three active boys who keep me hopping and laughing.  I’m also an International Coach Federation certified life and health coach with more than 15 years experience in the health care industry.  Author of Unlock Your Metabolism and Re:New You Today Magazine, I support people in navigating the physical and emotional obstacles that get in their way of losing weight and gaining health, a journey I went through myself.

I was thin until my daughter died.  I began filling that void with food.  Then, the fat took over and I couldn’t stop, even when I had addressed the emotional issues from her loss.

That is why I feel it is so important to address both the emotional and physical obstacles that come along with being overweight.  Addressing one without the other doesn’t seem to create long term health, or the vibrant, joyful life I believe we all were created to enjoy.