Metabolism and the Brain

If you’ve been looking for weight loss motivation, consider this… If you have a flabby body, you have flabby mind! And if you have a flabby mind, you have a flabby business, flabby relationships and flabby finances. Think about it…YOU are the common denominator in your life, meaning that your life can only ever be a strong as the YOU inside of it.

Are you strong? Physically and mentally?

If you’re not exercising, then the answer is no.

It’s a no brainer (pun intended) that exercising will have an effect on your body, but what about your mind? There is a connection between having a fit body and your mental health, something that science is revealing more and more every day. Keep reading to learn more.

The Body

The body responds to stimulus in the form of exercise. Sure… at first, you might feel like you are aching all over from just walking around the neighborhood. If you have lived a sedentary life up until now, the muscles are not accustomed to being taxed in this way and will get tired and a little sore. But your body is amazingly designed and the effort you put in, gets repaid.

If walking for 20 minutes feels like too much, then walk for 10 or 2 or to your mailbox and back. Every third day walk a little bit more and you’ll find your endurance increasing.

Over time, you muscles will grow and get stronger in response to your new routine. Your body will look more toned; your aerobic capacity is increased (you won’t be huffing and puffing when you walk or run) and you’ll certain lose bulky and unhealthy fat. You’ll mostly likely get to trash those prescription drugs and stay out of the doctor’s office. Staying in shape is one possible key to living a longer, healthier life. We all want that.

As your body slides into a state of fitness, you will feel confident enough to take on new challenges. Building a stronger, more fit body is a lifelong process with great fringe benefits. Plus, you will create an armour in your life that helps protect you from all the horrible disease that prey upon the physically unfit.

The Mind

As powerful as exercise is to the body, it is equally important to the mind. Studies show that by walking, you can reduce the rate of mental decline, lower your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s and receive the restorative sleep your body needs at night. When exercising, endorphins (the body’s natural mood enhancers) are released supporting emotional health by stomping out depression.

Exercise is so important to the brain that it has been proven to provide the same mental benefits as prescription drugs for depression!

But is it a pill that you will take?

If you are reading this and finding lots of buts… “but I don’t have the time”, “but my knees hurt” then find stationary ways to increase your heart rate and tone your muscles. You can do it…and will want to do it after you take that first step. Use Alzheimer’s avoidance as your motivator if you must, but begin to move your butt past your buts.

Getting fit makes you want to get even fitter. When you see that you sleep better (which reduces stress), can think more clearly and are losing weight, you are more likely to stick with that program to see more results.

A Healthy Brain is an Important Key to Unlocking Your Metabolism

One of the most important chapters of Unlock Your Metabolism is based on your brain health. While exercise (and the oxygen it provides) is essential, there are many additional techniques you can implement to create your healthiest brain. Remember… you cannot have a healthy body, if your brain isn’t healthy. Learn how to increase your brain health and release fat…. here!

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