When A Child Dies

On the eve of my daughter’s Angel Day, I feel the need to share a post I created on my Facebook page a few months ago.  At that time, two little boys in my community had died in a horrible lake accident and it affected all of our lives dramatically.  I was getting calls from a number of people who were paralyzed on what to say or how to act with the families.  In response to those calls, I wrote this post.  I hope that it helped people then, and I hope it helps others in the future who are facing this most devastating nightmare.

When A Child Dies

I’ve received a number of messages today, asking my advice on what to say to the families of the children who died this week.  While I’m not a grief counselor, I am a mom whose child has died and am sharing this advice from that perspective only.

First, be aware of some dynamics that are occurring for the parents. When a child dies, it isn’t only a human spirit that goes missing…it is the story that is attached to that little soul.  You see, from the moment the pregnancy stick turns positive, parents create stories…the first smile, step, word…the first day of kindergarten, first time at bat, first date and that walk across the stage receiving that precious diploma.  There are stories created about other milestones… the walk down the aisle, the grandchildren that will come…so many stories, so many firsts, so much hope for the future linked to those 10 fingers and toes.

So when a child dies, it isn’t only the missing them that hurts…it is the mourning of each and every story that has suddenly and irreversible been stamped The End, much sooner than expected.  I feel it too, many years later.  My Brennan would be turning 20 this September…the story of that big 2-0 birthday bash is a story I will mourn on that day.  It doesn’t end, but it can be accepted and peace can be found.

It is ok to be sad, I’m crying as I write this.  Sadness is a beautiful emotion that allows us to understand the importance of something that is now gone. So embrace the sadness and do not attempt to resist it…it will knock on your door until you welcome it, it is a persistent little thing.

Now, with that said, here is my advice on how to support grieving families:

1. Do not tell them you know how they feel.  It doesn’t matter if your own child has died; you can never know how they feel in that moment.  Do not make the grief about you…it is about them.  Honor them by simply telling them you love them and are keeping them in your heart and prayers.  That is enough.

2.  Do not tell them that their child is in a better place.  In the heart of a parent, no matter their beliefs, the “better place” is with them.  I had a lady say to me once “aren’t you glad she is in heaven?”  When I said “no, I’m not” she began to argue with me on why I should be glad she was in that great place.  I’m still triggered by that memory…don’t “should” on a parent who has lost their child.  They are “shoulding” on themselves quite enough.

3.  Allow them to share their stories of their child.  You may instinctively find it uncomfortable to listen, but parents need to share those stories, to get those stories out of their bodies and into the universe.  They need to mourn each and every one of them and giving them the space to do so is a gift.  We are a “fix it” society.  We want them to be better and mistakenly believe we are opening a wound by giving this space.  That is true…you are opening a wound, a wound that will fester and rot if not given that lancing.  Be with them and listen while that “blood” (their stories) flow…the wound will be better for it.

4.  Do not try to alleviate the guilt the parents feel.  Guilt is like a great white shark taking giant bites of our soul with every “should” and “should not.” Instead of telling them to not feel guilty for what they perceive they did or didn’t do…grief always is connected with guilt…remind them of what wonderful parents they were, how much their child loved them, how much they loved their child. Did you know that you can flip a shark on its back and it won’t bite, it almost become paralyzed and disabled, is calmed. In that position you could hold it and rub its belly, be in awe of the amazing creature it is.  Same is with grief…don’t run from it or fight it…flip it over and smother it with love.

5.  Just be there.  You can’t fix it, speak it away but you can be there and hold a hand, give a hug and listen.

6.  Just do it.  With best intentions people ask “what can I do to help” and offer “let me know what you need.”  A grieving brain doesn’t know how to answer those questions; it doesn’t know what it needs.  Instead, do what needs to be done.  Mow their lawn, water their plants, wash the dishes, bring healing and healthy food, lift the cup of water up to their mouth.  Your own gut knows what needs to be done, follow those instincts and do it.

I’m sure there is much more I could add, but right now this feels like enough.  I send my love to the families and friends of this beautiful children.  You will be forever in my heart.

Remove The Blind Spots In Your Life

The other day, while waiting in the barber shop for my oldest son to get his hair cut, I started flipping through a Men’s Health magazine… for the articles, of course, not the six packs (lighting strike).

One article really caught my attention.  It was about adjusting the mirrors on your car to eliminate blind spots.  What I learned was amazing… I had been driving, for years, with my mirrors completely wrong!  I had always complained (and feared) the blind spots while driving and never changed lanes without a quick head swivel to make sure the path was clear.  I can’t tell you the number of jolts I’ve received in my driving lifetime when my head swivel revealed a vehicle that I didn’t realize was there.

So… I re-adjusted my mirrors.  Here’s how:

  • While sitting as you would while actually driving, lean your head over until it is resting against the driver’s side window.  Adjust the driver’s side mirror outward until you can barely see the side of your car.
  • Now, while still sitting in the driver seat, lean over toward the center of your car.  From that position, adjust the passenger side mirror outward until you can  see only the very edge of your car.
  • Finally, sitting up straight with your head positioned as it would be if you were driving, adjust the rear view mirror so that you can see out of the entire rear window.

Voila… two minutes later, my mirrors were in the ‘correct’ position.

Taking It For A Spin

Heading out onto the road, I realized I could see sooo much more of what was behind and beside me.  It was amazing.  As the reflection of another vehicle slid away from my rear view mirror, it IMMEDIATELY appears in my side mirror.  There was no gap of time (the blind spot) when the other car disappeared from my view.

The world opened up behind me and that created a period of adjustment.  Because I could see a lot of what was behind me now, there was much more ‘movement’ in my side mirrors than I was used to.  Since the mirrors were reflecting the world behind me, not just the side of my van and the road… it was a little distracting and I found myself glancing over to see what the flashes of color were (at the time of this writing, it was fall in East TN and the leaves of the trees were brilliant).

Overall, after my adjustment period and after several days of beating myself up for ‘not knowing’ the correct way to place my mirrors before… I’m a much more confident driver.  Yes, I still do the head swivel from time to time, more out of habit than in the inability to see what is beside me but for the most part I spend much more time looking forward, in the direction I want to go.

Other Blind Spots

This experience was a perfect metaphor of how many of us live our lives with blind spots that we can’t see because we just don’t know how to adjust our view of them.  Blind spots that we fear, that distract us from forward movement.  Blind spots that keep us looking over our shoulder, using up vital energy and confidence that we didn’t even know was being drained.

An example: last week during a coaching conversation, my client shared with me how much pain his back had been giving him.  He had been to the doctor, was seeking physical therapy and losing lots of sleep and productive time to this pain. During our coaching call, he had a flash of knowing, an understanding that part of his inability to reach his financial goals was because he ‘could always do better.’  That was the message from his parents… his grades ‘could be better’, his efforts ‘could be better’.  So he was living his life never satisfied with his results, because he should be ‘doing better.’

Guess what happened? He told me that within half an hour of that coaching conversation, his back pain went away!  His ‘blind spot’ had been creating phyisical pain in his life and once it was revealed, and therefore under his control, the resulting discomfort was eliminated.  Now, he can use his widened rear view reflection in a more purposeful way.  How cool is that?

What Blind Spots Are In Your Life?

The tricky thing about blind spots is that you know they are there but since you can’t see them they just feel like a phantom, a threat hovering around you.  They can sneak up on you when you aren’t expecting it and lead to crashes both large and small.

  • Relationship crashes
  • Physical health crashes
  • Mental health crashes
  • Money and career crashes

You can’t see what you can’t see.  Just as my client couldn’t see his ‘blind spot’ until we explored it in the session, readjusted his ‘mirrors’ and helped him ‘see’ his painful past, you may find it difficult to find yours.  That is where coaching becomes so valuable.

If you are ready to expand your vision and release the oppression of those blind spots, schedule a free exploratory session with me right away.


Remember, you are on the wrong side of your eyeballs to see how you move in the world.  Enlisting a second pair of eyes makes seeing those blind spots so much easier!

Weight Loss Coaching


If you’re like many people, you’ve spent your life on a diet. At first, losing weight most likely came easy. But now, it’s getting harder and harder to lose those pounds… and harder and harder to keep them off. Stop jumping from diet to diet and learn how to feed YOUR body, your unique and individual body. And, get the support you need to follow through. Schedule your free strategy session today.

Life Coaching


YOUR SUCCESS IN LIFE is determined, to a large extent, by your ability to think, plan, decide, and take action. The
stronger your skills are in each of these areas, the faster you will achieve your goals and the happier you will be with your life, career and relationships.

Declare your independence… from your old ways of thinking!
Declare your independence… from the body that is holding you back!
Declare your independence… from clutter and disorganization!
Declare your independence… from procrastination, and the fear of success or failure!

Declare your independence, and design the life you love!

Start now!

Which fits you?

  • You get an idea, followed by a very motivated burst of energy that propels you, with great excitement, to make a change or do something new.  Before you know it, the energy drops and it’s back to the status quo.  You find yourself wondering what’s wrong with you, WHY you can’t finish what you start.
  • You’re sooo busy! You’ve got one foot in one world (being a parent?), the other foot in a different world (career?), and keep wishing you were an octopus with enough arms to juggle all the projects and promises you’ve made.  You find yourself apologizing (for being late or forgetting),  embarrassed and just waiting for the next ball to drop.
  • On the outside you are successful, people complement you on how ‘together’ you are.  On the inside, your emotions are in turmoil, you feel empty because although you are busy, the things you are doing don’t bring you joy.  You find yourself wishing you could run away and start over, the load you carry right now isn’t only too heavy, it’s the wrong one!

Well…stop it!

You are going to be spending your money creating a great life… or repelling it.  Which do you prefer?

Find the strength to do whatever it takes to create the life you love.

It’s been said that the way you do anything is the way you do everything.  The way you step into and follow through during this coaching program will provide great insight as to how you step into and follow through on your life.  There will be tremendous lessons here… but you won’t be able to see them by yourself.  As your coach, I will grab your hand and fly you up to 35,000 feet, so you can look down and see your patterns and habits.  You’ll see the excuses that hold you hostage, the people standing in your way, the subconscious thinking that undermines your choices.  Best, you will be able to course correct, design a new pattern and establish new habits that serve you better.

Do NOT over think this!  I know you have a voice whispering in your ear right now, telling you that this won’t work.  I know you’ve disappointed yourself before and that trying again is scary.  I know that you are busy, and frustrated and tired.

That is why hiring a coach is so important, and why following a proven system is vital.  Why clicking this button is essential… click it now: FREE Coaching Session

The end result… producing results.

You’re Already Producing Results

You are already producing results… are they the results you desire?

You don’t get what you want.  You get what you think about.  You get what you take actions toward.
Knowledge isn’t power… it is potential power. The true power is what you do with the knowledge, which actions you take to manifest what you want from what you know.

My guarantee… if you are not certain that I’m the best coach for you after our 30 minute free strategy session, I will happily refund your money. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Plus, there is no contract or long term agreement.  You pay for coaching based on your needs and accomplishments.

Hypnosis & NLP


Make change come easier by tapping into your subconscious mind.
Are you exhausted from holding up your wall of willpower? Frustrated that your success story doesn’t look like the one on TV? Ready to give up on reaching your most desired goals (or don’t even know where to start)? Then put your subconscious mind to work! Hypnosis and NLP are powerful processes that help you reach your goals. Whether you wish to lose weight, reduce stress or remove a fear or phobia from your life… allow these processes to support you.

Avoid the Post Halloween Sugar Craving Cycle

Don’t do it… doooon’t…

I know… it is right there, staring at you, taunting you… the Halloween basket. Currently filled to capacity with plethora of yummy chemically laden, tummy expanding goodness.

Yes, taunting. Singing its siren song. Perhaps whispering to you in its sexy little whisper.

You’re only going to eat just one? Uh…really? One a day? One an hour? Or one a minute?

Stop, take a breathe and let me remind you as to why that basket is filled with more tricks than treats:

  • Sugar is more addicting than cocaine, even for those previously addicted to cocaine. So if you want to light up that craving part of your brain, go ahead and eat just one. By the way… would you ever tell someone that it is ok to have ‘just one’ hit of cocaine? Of course not…but you don’t think twice about ‘just once-ing’ a sugar addict.
  • Sugar causes wrinkles. Enough said.
  • Sugar feeds cancer. Did you know that many health systems are attaching glucose to chemotherapy modules? That is so that the cancer cells… which loooove sugar… will open up wide to gobble up the glucose, taking the chemotherapy with it.

Diabetes 3 and Alzheimer’s is the same thing. Studies prove that sugar hurts your brain.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. Intellectually.

Now, ask your willpower to step in and help. It will, for a while. Up until the point where it is stressed with little things like:

  • Hunger
  • Tiredness
  • Loneliness
  • Boredom

Then your willpower loses the battle, you eat ‘just one’… per minute…feel guilty…and then eat more since you’ve blown it anyway. At some point you decide to clean out the basket so that the candy will no longer be there to tempt you. THEN, you realize you just ate all of your child’s candy, run to the store to replenish it before the little darling gets home. And then… are faced with a full candy basket… again.

It’s a vicious cycle and a battle that everyone loses, in this case ‘everyone’ consists of your skin, liver, pancreas, hair, teeth and thighs. Oh wait… there is a winner! Your cancer cells! Since we all have cancer cells in our body at any one time, they are excited to be fed so they can grow and grow and grow.

Now THAT’S a scary Halloween!

So what do you do?

Get support, of course! The best of the best have coaches, people in their lives who support them in reaching their goals. And who provide tools to help make that process easier.

Like the Carb Addiction Hypnosis Audio I created. For just $4.99, you can immediately download the audio to your computer, MP3 player or iPod. The hypnosis works on the subconscious part of your mind that is in war with your willpower and makes lifestyle changes so hard.

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Detox Your Brain to Create an Attitude for Success

I say ‘diet’, you say ‘groan’. I say ‘exercise’, you say ‘moan’.

If I came even a little bit close to your reaction to those words, it’s time to detox your brain.

Your attitude about life is one of your most important factors for success, especially when you are considering a life style adjustment. A bad attitude gets you nowhere, while a good one can provide you with enough motivation to succeed beyond what you thought was possible.

You may think that you already have a success-mindset, and perhaps you do (clap, clap, clap). However, you can always benefit from strengthening that attitude and therefore increasing your chances for the success you deserve.

How to begin? Take a look at these strategies:

1. Find your inspiration. Your why. Discover what inspires you the most and use it to jumpstart your motivation. Feeling inspired enables you to maintain the drive necessary to find success. Do anything you can within your power to find inspiration.

* Make a list of your ultimate dreams a another list of your reality. Then, examine the gap. What would it take to get from your current reality to your dream reality? Write those things down and then take the necessary steps to close that gap. If you don’t take the action, then your dream will remain a dream which will someday become a longing that someday will become a regret. Take action NOW to create the life you want.

* If you don’t feel like you’re on the right path, perhaps it’s time for a change. Maybe there’s a deeper reason why you’ve felt a lack of motivation. Reflect on what this reason might be, and then decide on how you can renew your drive. When you’re on the right journey, you’ll feel inspired!

2. Surround yourself with positive people. When you’re around positive and inspiring people, you’re more likely to adopt those traits into your own personality and go for your goals with enthusiasm. Negative people, on the other hand, tend to make you negative also or at the very least make it more difficult to stay in that positive state.

* If you must be around people that continually bring you down, remember that you are at choice AND that their negativity is not about you. Just as children tend to adopt the blame when their parents are fighting, adults have the tendency to do the same. It isn’t your fault and it isn’t your responsibility to make them feel better. Your responsbility is to be the very best person you can be.

3. Stay in gratitude. While you are leaping towards your goal, live in gratitude and appreciation for what you have now. If you are working to change the shape of your body, be grateful for that body, just as it is, now. Gratitude changes everything and is vital to achieving success. Without gratitude you’ll never be satisfied, even if you reach your goal. Be grateful now.

* The increased drive and motivation you get from your actions can be the difference between success and failure.

4. Strengthen your focus. Your focus can also play a role in your attitude. When you maintain driven toward success, it’s easier to have an optimistic attitude. If you have a lack of focus and don’t know where you’re going, it leads to being unmotivated and uncaring. Use time tracking charts so that time isn’t your enemy.

5. Allow for mistakes. You’re only human and you will make mistakes from time to time. Be careful to avoid judging yourself harshly when this happens, as it negatively affects your self-confidence. If you work on more of a “go with the flow” attitude, you’ll find that you’re able to pick yourself back up and continue moving forward when you do make a mistake.

The main things to keep in mind are that the combo of inspiration, positive thoughts, and proper motivation can lead you to a healthy and positive attitude. Follow these strategies daily and you’ll notice a boost in your spirits, a boost in your body and a boost in your life!

Are Weight Loss Tips Enough? Not Unless You Are Committed To Your Goals!

Mark Twain said “I can teach anybody how to get what they want out of life. The problem is I can’t find anybody who can tell me what they want.”

Sad…but true.

Often, our goals aren’t clear, they are actually fairly vague and full of holes. Have you ever said:

  • I want to look better.
  • I want more intimacy with my spouse.
  • I want to have more time for me.
  • I want to have a more fulfilling career.
  • I want to make a difference in the world.

While these are great concepts….they are actually pretty crummy goals, from a goal-setting, getting it done point of view.

Because I’m a health coach, I want to focus on your health. Do you have a goal or a concept for your body and health? Have you created action steps to move you toward that goal, or are you winging it, hoping for the best?

Today, I want you to focus, truly focus, on the body you have right now. Are you at your best weight? Are you able to do the things you want to do, like run after your children, play a sport or roll around on the floor with your pet? Is your blood pressure normal and your cholesterol and blood sugar within healthy range? Does your body ache or hurt? Is your mind clear and focused? Do you enjoy sex and reach climax easily? Heck, do you enjoy having sex with the lights ON? Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror?

If the answer is “no” to any one of these questions, it is time to set a body goal that creates a ridiculous level of health in your life. Be specific. Drill down to the details. Dream and imagine how you would look and how you would be different if you met that goal. How would your shopping experiences be different? How would you feel when you looked at a scale? Or, in a mirror? Write down all the things this optimal body could and would do. Would you initiate sex more often? Wear shorts or a bathing suit? Go to an amusement part and be confident of your ability to fit in the seat? Think of all the dreams in your life and how having optimal health would support you in obtaining those goals more quickly.

Now…write down your goals, the things that you want most. In paper and with ink or on your computer…it doesn’t matter. Don’t worry about your handwriting or spelling challenges. Just write.

Then…finish each goal with “so that”, and complete the sentence from that point. Here’s an example:

I am committed to losing x pounds so that…

…I can live to see my grandchildren

…I can fly on a plane and fit in the seat

…I can go rockclimbing and hiking any time I want

…I can be a positive role model for others


That’s a great start! Next time we’ll smarten them up.

Need support? Don’t hesitate to contact me at lynette[at]unlockyourmetabolism.com.

How Much Do Your Weight Loss Goals Weigh?

It’s not enough to have a goal to lose some weight. You only need to think about the number of New Year Resolutions created each January to realize that setting a goal does not necessary create the type of commitment needed to follow through and attain that goal.

That’s why it is important to truly consider what it is that you want and the reasons behind it. As Mark Twain said, “I can teach anybody how to get what they want out of life. The problem is I can’t find anybody who can tell me what they want.”

So true….

So let me ask you, do you truly know what you want? And why? Or is your goal a wish, a dream, a thought that you “should” have?

Creating specific outcome goals and writing them down is a system that almost every successful person has. So for us to use this same system, we need to write our outcome goal in a specific way.

I bet you’ve already guessed that you can’t get away with statements like “I want to lose weight” or “I’d like to be skinny”. Those are wishes. Instead create your goals the SMART way:

Specific – write down what you want (weight x pounds, wear x size clothes, have x blood pressure, walk a mile in x minutes).
Measurable – make sure that your goal can actually be measured like the ones above
Attainable – don’t set yourself up for failure by choosing a goal that can’t be reached by the time frame you set
Realistic – although this seems similar to attainable, here I want you to closely examine your motives behind your goal. Here is where the “so that” I spoke about last time would come into play.
Timely – if you don’t set a time, the goal is too vague. “Later” is not a time, “next week” is not a time, “soon” is not a time.

Note: if you have quite a bit of weight to lose, it is best to not make your outcome goal your final number. Instead, it is ok (and for many emotionally easier) to chunk those goals down. Let’s look at this scenario… if you’re wanting to lose 100 pounds, that number can be intimidating and feel far away. Choose your outcome goal to be lose 20 pounds by a certain date instead. You can always create a new goal once you’ve reach this first one!

The second step to making a goal a reality is to create process goals in which to make the outcome goal come true. Process goals walk you through the journey, step-by-step toward your outcome goal. A process goal might be the choice to workout three times a week or to drink 64oz. of water every day. You can think of process goals as the weekly check-list you follow until you reach your outcome goal.

For example, your outcome goals could be: I’m excited to be wearing a size 10 on December 31, 2010. I will achieve this goal by:

  • Eating 5 times per day
  • Drinking 8 glasses of water
  • Exercising 20 minutes per day, etc.

And remember what Brian Tracy says….”The minute you set a goal that is worthy of you, obstacles are thrown in your path to make you the person you must become to be worthy of the goal.”

This is unfortunate (ok, it really sucks!!), but true. How often do you set a goal and then have multiple things move into your path that hinders your success? According to Tracy, those are simply character builders, obstacles that are thrown into your path that make you worthy of reaching your goal. Go into your goal process realizing that things that look like obstacles will come and that you are bigger than they are. Birthday cake can be seen as an obstacle to reach your goal or can be seen as a character builder in which you learn to say “no thanks” with grace and ease. Just realize that obstacles in the form of celebrations, moms who try to feed you, spouses who might not want you to change are going to be there and plan your strategy to address them.

Begin to create your own personal goals. And remember that you can use this system to create goals in other areas of your life too. When you create specific, well framed and positive goals, you are much more likely to reach them.

Metabolism and the Brain

If you’ve been looking for weight loss motivation, consider this… If you have a flabby body, you have flabby mind! And if you have a flabby mind, you have a flabby business, flabby relationships and flabby finances. Think about it…YOU are the common denominator in your life, meaning that your life can only ever be a strong as the YOU inside of it.

Are you strong? Physically and mentally?

If you’re not exercising, then the answer is no.

It’s a no brainer (pun intended) that exercising will have an effect on your body, but what about your mind? There is a connection between having a fit body and your mental health, something that science is revealing more and more every day. Keep reading to learn more.

The Body

The body responds to stimulus in the form of exercise. Sure… at first, you might feel like you are aching all over from just walking around the neighborhood. If you have lived a sedentary life up until now, the muscles are not accustomed to being taxed in this way and will get tired and a little sore. But your body is amazingly designed and the effort you put in, gets repaid.

If walking for 20 minutes feels like too much, then walk for 10 or 2 or to your mailbox and back. Every third day walk a little bit more and you’ll find your endurance increasing.

Over time, you muscles will grow and get stronger in response to your new routine. Your body will look more toned; your aerobic capacity is increased (you won’t be huffing and puffing when you walk or run) and you’ll certain lose bulky and unhealthy fat. You’ll mostly likely get to trash those prescription drugs and stay out of the doctor’s office. Staying in shape is one possible key to living a longer, healthier life. We all want that.

As your body slides into a state of fitness, you will feel confident enough to take on new challenges. Building a stronger, more fit body is a lifelong process with great fringe benefits. Plus, you will create an armour in your life that helps protect you from all the horrible disease that prey upon the physically unfit.

The Mind

As powerful as exercise is to the body, it is equally important to the mind. Studies show that by walking, you can reduce the rate of mental decline, lower your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s and receive the restorative sleep your body needs at night. When exercising, endorphins (the body’s natural mood enhancers) are released supporting emotional health by stomping out depression.

Exercise is so important to the brain that it has been proven to provide the same mental benefits as prescription drugs for depression!

But is it a pill that you will take?

If you are reading this and finding lots of buts… “but I don’t have the time”, “but my knees hurt” then find stationary ways to increase your heart rate and tone your muscles. You can do it…and will want to do it after you take that first step. Use Alzheimer’s avoidance as your motivator if you must, but begin to move your butt past your buts.

Getting fit makes you want to get even fitter. When you see that you sleep better (which reduces stress), can think more clearly and are losing weight, you are more likely to stick with that program to see more results.

A Healthy Brain is an Important Key to Unlocking Your Metabolism

One of the most important chapters of Unlock Your Metabolism is based on your brain health. While exercise (and the oxygen it provides) is essential, there are many additional techniques you can implement to create your healthiest brain. Remember… you cannot have a healthy body, if your brain isn’t healthy. Learn how to increase your brain health and release fat…. here!