Avoid the Post Halloween Sugar Craving Cycle

Don’t do it… doooon’t…

I know… it is right there, staring at you, taunting you… the Halloween basket. Currently filled to capacity with plethora of yummy chemically laden, tummy expanding goodness.

Yes, taunting. Singing its siren song. Perhaps whispering to you in its sexy little whisper.

You’re only going to eat just one? Uh…really? One a day? One an hour? Or one a minute?

Stop, take a breathe and let me remind you as to why that basket is filled with more tricks than treats:

  • Sugar is more addicting than cocaine, even for those previously addicted to cocaine. So if you want to light up that craving part of your brain, go ahead and eat just one. By the way… would you ever tell someone that it is ok to have ‘just one’ hit of cocaine? Of course not…but you don’t think twice about ‘just once-ing’ a sugar addict.
  • Sugar causes wrinkles. Enough said.
  • Sugar feeds cancer. Did you know that many health systems are attaching glucose to chemotherapy modules? That is so that the cancer cells… which loooove sugar… will open up wide to gobble up the glucose, taking the chemotherapy with it.

Diabetes 3 and Alzheimer’s is the same thing. Studies prove that sugar hurts your brain.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. Intellectually.

Now, ask your willpower to step in and help. It will, for a while. Up until the point where it is stressed with little things like:

  • Hunger
  • Tiredness
  • Loneliness
  • Boredom

Then your willpower loses the battle, you eat ‘just one’… per minute…feel guilty…and then eat more since you’ve blown it anyway. At some point you decide to clean out the basket so that the candy will no longer be there to tempt you. THEN, you realize you just ate all of your child’s candy, run to the store to replenish it before the little darling gets home. And then… are faced with a full candy basket… again.

It’s a vicious cycle and a battle that everyone loses, in this case ‘everyone’ consists of your skin, liver, pancreas, hair, teeth and thighs. Oh wait… there is a winner! Your cancer cells! Since we all have cancer cells in our body at any one time, they are excited to be fed so they can grow and grow and grow.

Now THAT’S a scary Halloween!

So what do you do?

Get support, of course! The best of the best have coaches, people in their lives who support them in reaching their goals. And who provide tools to help make that process easier.

Like the Carb Addiction Hypnosis Audio I created. For just $4.99, you can immediately download the audio to your computer, MP3 player or iPod. The hypnosis works on the subconscious part of your mind that is in war with your willpower and makes lifestyle changes so hard.

You can pick up your copy here:

Need even more support?

I have 1 (one) opening in my personal one-on-one coaching program. And I’m offering an amazing special for the lucky person who is aggressive enough to sign up first. Right now, if you buy one month of coaching, you get a second month free. But for only 1 person.

For $700.00, you’ll get an initial 90 minute discovery session plus SEVEN 45-minute personal coaching sessions with me along with recordings of each cal. Plus, you’ll have 4 emergency sessions to utilize if needed. This $1,400 package is yours for only $700.


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