Lynette Patterson, ICF certified Life Coach

Lynette Patterson 1

In addition to having nearly 15 years of experience in health care, I am also:

  • Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Certified NLP practitioner and Certified Life Strategy Coach through the American University of NLP
  • Certified Hypnotist through the American Alliance of Hypnotists
  • A graduate of Newfield Network Coach Training School
  • A graduate of Health Coach Training
  • Author of Unlock your Metabolism
  • Co-founder of Saving Superwoman
  • Co-host of the weekly internet radio show Saving Superwoman

Lynette’s Story

If you had seen me playing basketball in high school and college, you would never imagine that in a few short years I would begin a struggle with weight. It had always been so easy, staying slim, being healthy. But, once graduation arrived followed shortly by marriage, the pounds began to creep on.

Then, baby number 1 arrived, a little girl who a day later was diagnosed with a serious problem – a severe heart defect. That led to a two year struggle for her life, a struggle that Brennan ultimately lost. Needless to say, I was devastated and although over the next 5 years I gave birth to two healthy boys, the stress and turmoil of losing a child and the consequential fear of losing my other children took a toll on my health. Sixty pounds later, my husband left – I just wasn’t the same person, physically or emotionally that he had married.

As many women do, I lost a tremendous amount of weight following the divorce, in a very short period of time. I re-married and began another struggle with weight. In 2003, I became pregnant and as with all my pregnancies, had pre-term labor. This time, I was put on bed-rest for 16 weeks. This time, I gained 60 pounds, on top of the 20 I had regained since I re-married. This time, when the baby was born, another healthy little boy, the weight didn’t come off.

A few years later, I attended a weekend workshop that transformed my life. It was a little transformational workshop that spoke of choice, our moods and emotions and taking back control of our lives. I then went to another workshop and then another and then I decided that I wanted to touch lives the way my life had been touched. I wanted to be that coach. So, I began taking courses and ultimately enrolled in a coaching school. I’m now an International Coaching Federation Certified Life Coach.

Having lived with weight concerns, having dealt with my own personal battles, I knew I could support others in a way that would impact their lives both physically and emotionally.

Now…I’m committed to supporting you to be your best, to walk you thru the process of creating a strategic plan for your life. During that process, you will reach your goal weight, learn the habits of health and design your body to support you in the things you most want to do.

I’d love to hear from you! To contact me, please use this email: lynette [at] lynettepattersoncoaching.com